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Things to Do

Discover the Unparalleled Miccosukee Cultural Immersion: Unearth the riches of Miccosukee Tribal arts and culture through craft demonstrations, alligator shows, airboat rides, and a historical museum.


Miccosukee Airboats are the best way to glide the ‘Glades and experience the magnificent “River of Grass.” Feel the breeze and listen to the sawgrass whizz by. Get a glimpse into traditional Miccosukee life and discover a typical hammock-style camp that has been owned by the same family for more than 100 years! Let our expert guides show you a side of the beautiful Everglades you can’t see anywhere else. Your next adventure awaits!

Alligator Demonstrations

We don’t “wrestle” our ‘gators—we love them and hope that you’ll learn about them through our demonstrations! Watch in awe as a brave demonstrator explains centuries-old traditions and rituals that have been handed down by generations of Miccosukee with their bare hands!

The Miccosukee learned early on how to capture them for food and commodities like their tough skin. The times have changed and the Tribe’s relationship has moved towards conservation and education about the alligator’s role in this unique environment.

Village Museum

Opened in 1983, our Museum offers visitors a glimpse into the Tribe’s unique way of life. Miccosukee history and culture is preserved through historical documents, archival photographs and original artifacts.

Alongside permanent exhibits showcasing the early life of the Tribe as they adapted to the Everglades, the museum hosts rotating exhibits highlighting historical and contemporary Native American, First Nations and Aboriginal life.

Village Gift Shop

Visit the Miccosukee Indian Gift Shop to find crafts created by natives around the world, and special gifts made by our Miccosukee Tribe members.