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William J. Osceola

William J. Osceola taught language, culture, and digital arts at the Miccosukee Indian School before he was elected Secretary of the Miccosukee Business Council in 2021. In his early thirties, he is the Council’s youngest member, balancing tradition and modernity with a creative flair. “Buffalo Tiger was very young when he first became Chairman. I am continuing a legacy that started before I was here,” he expressed confidently, knowing that the future of the Tribe lies in educating the young and following in his ancestors’ footsteps.

As Secretary, he is in charge of all aspects of communication within the Tribe, including recordkeeping, handling correspondence, publishing notices about meetings and events, and keeping track of Tribal membership. Some of his goals include shaping future leaders by placing an emphasis on education, increasing community involvement, and investing in infrastructure to improve roads, sidewalks, and important buildings within the Reservation.

He was born in Florida and raised in different camps inside the Reservation; when he was 5 years old, his family moved to Connecticut. Living there for 7 years gave him an in-depth perspective on the outside world and increased his appreciation for his Tribal community. “We are still here. We are still vital people to the ecology, economy, and everything around us. We are very resilient people,” he stated with optimism, knowing his work will make a difference.

Miccosukee Tribe Secretary William J. Osceola