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Talbert Cypress

Talbert Cypress has served in the Miccosukee Business Council since 2017, first elected as Secretary and later becoming the official Chairman of the Council in 2021. As the leader of the Council, he oversees the day-to-day activities of the Tribal government and its enterprises, coordinating members and assigning their responsibilities, making sure they carry out their duties. As the official representative of the Tribe, he presides over all regular and special meetings and provides support to community and Tribal members, putting their needs and interests above all else.

Growing up in the Reservation, he is proud of his heritage and looks to his ancestors for direction. “I come from a people that fought and struggled to survive and I wouldn’t be here without them,” said Cypress, acknowledging that his people are thriving in modern society, with their language, culture, and values intact.

A family man at heart, he loves spending time with his daughters and parents, stating that they ground him to stay humble and true to himself.

His main objective is to lead the Tribe in a new direction, governing with a sense of pride and devotion to his nation. In his own words, “The world is changing every day. We must catch up with the world, not stand still and be left behind.”

Miccosukee Tribe Chairman Talbert Cypress