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Assistant Chairman

Lucas K. Osceola

Lucas K. Osceola began his first full term as Assistant Chairman of the Miccosukee Business Council in 2021. With a vibrant personality and playful sense of humor, he is determined to honor and preserve the Tribe’s traditional values while keeping pace with the modern world. “Our forefathers fought hard to be here in this land. We must uphold this tradition so we can be here for future generations to come,” he expressed with conviction, feeling proud about leading his people on a continuous path toward progress.

As Assistant Chairman, he performs the duties of the Chairman in his absence, assumes his powers if the position becomes vacant, and carries out administrative functions delegated to him by the leader of the Business Council. His main focus is to listen patiently to his community to better understand their needs.

He is Panther Clan and grew up in the Reservation, later receiving a scholarship from the Miccosukee Tribe to attend Fisher College in Boston, Massachusetts, where he played baseball. Having completed his studies, he returned to Miami to work for Miccosukee Casino & Resort and pursue a career in agriculture.

His plans while in office include starting a new housing project, finishing the construction of the medical building, and increasing the quality of life for his community. “Hopefully, my children and their children will have a place to call home,” he said thoughtfully. Hard work and dedication will help him achieve this goal.

Miccosukee Tribe Assistant Chairman Lucas K. Osceola